Week 12 Of Pregnancy – Pregnancy Glow

Pregnancy Glow

What’s happening inside

All your baby’s organs, and limbs are now fully formed, but her head is still disproportionately large. Your baby can now open and close her mouth, and her eyes are developing behind closed lids. Your baby’s heart is beating rapidly at about 160 beats per minute, and the umbilical cord is fully developed.

Maternal Changes

awaiting the arrival of your new babyHave sudden acne outbreak and oily skin? Your skin is likely to change during pregnancy due to the increased blood flow and high levels of oestrogen. Some women may develop spots or start to have dry and flaky skin. On the other hand, some women may find that their skin is in a better condition than before they were pregnant. This ‘glow’ of pregnancy is due to the increased blood supply that occurs in pregnancy, which gives off a rosy, healthy-looking complexion.

By the end of this trimester, many of the pregnancy symptoms you faced at the beginning is likely to have passed. Nausea may have begun to lessen and the tiredness you felt in the early months is likely to have passed. You may not need to urinate so often as before because your uterus is now moving up the abdominal cavity, placing less pressure on your bladder.

A Matter of Fact

Did you know, some fathers-to-be also experience pregnancy symptoms, known as couvade or couvade syndrome. Also known as ‘hatching’ or ‘sympathetic pregnancy’, this normally happens during the third month or at delivery. Some believe it may have biological causes while others believe it could be a psychosomatic condition.

Tips for daddy

The first trimester is almost over! It’s normal for you and your wife to wonder all the time if your baby is okay and desperate to hear that all is well. The first scan may come as a shock to you as for the first time, you are confronted with physical evidence that your baby really exists.

A quote for mummy-to-be

You never understand life until it grows inside of you. ~Sandra Chami Kassis

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This is part of our New Age Pregnancy Week By Week Pregnancy Guide!

With this guide, we hope it will help to give you some reassurance and shed some light on the changes you will come to experience for the next 40 weeks. If you are interested, you can read about our Month To Month Pregnancy Guide Here. Now, let the countdown begin ~

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind the information provided in this guide is just an approximate gauge for your pregnancy. Each pregnancy is different and growth rates vary. If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact your gynaecologist.

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