Study Shows That Air Pollution May Double Child’s Risk Of Autism

Air pollution has been known to cause both acute and chronic effects on human and animals’ health and well-being. Now, there’s another reason to avoid getting into contact or staying in areas with bad air quality, especially for expectant mums.

A new study conducted by Havard School of Public Health in Dec 2014, has found a devastating news for expectant mums. Expectant mums that were exposed to high levels of polluted air during their third trimester, showed twice the risk of birthing children with autism as compared to expectant mums who lived in cleaner environment with better air quality.

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According to The Huffington Post, the Environmental Health Perspectives has released more detail of the study, and that “The greater the exposure to fine particulates emitted by fires, vehicles, and industrial smokestacks the greater the risk.”

While the Havard Study has shown the connection between the ratio of children who had autism to the environment they lived in, there could be chance that the autism may arise from a “combination of genetic and environmental factors”. Although it is better for expectant mums to avoid exposure to bad air quality or fine-particle pollution, there is no guarantee that the children born will not have autism.

It is highly advisable for expectant mums to avoid heading outdoor if the air quality is bad and also, avoid walking along roads with heavy traffic and big vehicles.

By Crystal Tan | Source: The Huffington Post

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