Are You READY To Be A Mom Or Dad? Don’t Be Shocked!

tips for first time parents
Think that you’re all ready to be a doting mom and dad? These tip-offs from seasoned parents may surprise newlyweds or child-free couples on what to expect the minute your junior come into your life.


1. Sleep deprived for the first few months or even years


Ask any parents who just had a baby and the majority of them will agree that their sleeping pattern has changed completely since the arrival of their bundle of joy. Your ordeal doesn’t end even when the baby has grown into a toddler. Because toddler may wake just wake you up in the middle of the night because of the nightmare he just had, just asking to be accompanied to the toilet or just having the urge to snuggle with mom and dad for a night with no apparent reason. Yes, it will not be so soon before both of you can have a complete peaceful sleep. True story.


2. Changes in your figure


What’s inevitable for mommies, is the changes in the body after the birth of the baby. The primary goal for other mothers, is to quickly get into shape again. This is not going to be easy but with perseverance, you will shed off some of the weight gained during pregnancy. Having said that, changes defer from individuals. So, don’t be too bothered by your post-pregnancy state. Enjoy your new body as it marks the start of motherhood.


3. Everything has to be planned ahead of time


Dates have to be planned ahead of time, babysitters arranged and family conversations become baby-focused. It may be difficult now to have proper discussions without your friends or family members without having the kids interrupting for attention. You might even find yourself too busy or tired to pursue your interests or for me-time.


4. It’s not easy, in fact it’s very challenging


Being a parent is a tedious job. It’s about juggling, multi-tasking and handling stress well (psst, it’s going to happen all at the same time). When the stress of child-rearing takes too much of a toll on some marriages, the relationship will suffer too. For matters pertaining to your baby, it will be recommended to discuss first before deriving at a decision. Both of you are responsible for the baby, compromise as much as you can.


5. Parenthood drains off your energy


It is exhausting for non-working mothers, who have decided to become a stay-at-home-moms (SAHMs), especially if you don’t have a helper or family members to  assist. The world of a SAHM revolves around their kids, household chores and running errands. Believe us, at the end of the day, they get too exhausted to even look good. It is also tiring for working mothers who have to juggle between work and family.

Have you ever wonder what are the things that could drive working mothers up the wall?


6. Good bye to romance


Usually, it is the mother, rather than the father who will be more focused on the kids. This natural motherly instinct, if left unchecked, could go a little overboard at times and the mother will end up not showing much attention and affection to the husband as she used to do before the arrival of the baby. When this happens, the husband will feel neglected. Don’t forget your spouse! You can be an involved parent and also a loving spouse.


7. Conflict of interests and child-rearing methods


Everyone have different views and ideology, the same for parents. Bringing up and disciplining the child could also result in a clash of interest between you and your spouse. As a result, you may build up the tension over time or may even end up in heated arguments. All these can actually put a strain on your married life. Talk things out amicably, after all we want the best for the child and the family.


8. You will always feel poor


Who can deny this factor? Kids are expensive from clothing, nutrition, medical, education and even housing. Do you even know how much it costs to raise a child? You will be surprised!


9. Your work will be affected


Children need care. They need our attention and time. For working parents, organising their time and taking leave to attend to a sick child can be challenging. This is fine if it happens rarely but imagine if parents need to be away frequently from their work because of family commitments. Their professionalism and work performance will be questioned by their higher authority.


10. Parenting is a life-long commitment and responsibility


The first education that a child gets, starts from home. Crazy and fun ideas soon developed into dreams and ambitions. It is the parents that should be the one guiding and inspiring their kids to follow where their hearts are. You will be their pillar of strength and one day, you will be the one leading them where they want to be.

So, if you’re planning for a child, ensure that you and your spouse are both fully committed to parenting and nurturing a little seed who will soon blossomed into a beautiful flower. Besides, parents-to-be also need to be prepared mentally, physically and financially for this life-long journey. Communicating and discussing parenting ideas with your spouse help a lot in making parenthood a meaningful and successful journey.

Written by Noreen Yek Boussetta

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