10 Types Of Baby Bump Shots To Take During Your Pregnancy!

inspirations for maternity shoot


Pregnancy is the time when you do not have to “suck it in” and could proudly show off your belly bump! This is also the time when your belly is showing and you will like to document this precious moment for keepsake purposes! Pick out a theme first, will you like it to be creative, funny, glamorous or meaningful? Well, for a start, get inspired with these 10 must-do maternity photos shoot you could do!




Inspiration 1: Older sibling kissing your belly shots


Credits to Pinterests

Credits to Pinterest




Inspiration 2: Yoga poses shots


Credits to Namas Yoga

Credits to Green Child Mag




Inspiration 3: The messier, the merrier shots


Credits to Velvet Owl Photography

Credits to




Inspiration 4: Welcoming No.2/3 shots


Credits to ViralNova

Credits to American Pregnancy Association

Credits to Mundo Ovo

Credits to Collaborations Photography




Inspiration 5: Romantic sunrise/sunset background shots


Credits to Alexandra Sophie

Credits to Blee Photography




Inspiration 6: Mystery silhouette shots


Credit to Amanda K CelebrateLifePhotography

Credits to Keri Kay Photography




Inspiration 7: Beautiful nature/field shots


Credits to Lana Sky Photography

Credits to Belly Beautiful Maternity Portraits by Karen Marie




Inspiration 8: Beautiful mystery sea shots


Credits to Maui Wedding Photographer

Credits to MBP Studios

Credits to VeroLuce Photography




Inspiration 9: Family pet shots


Credits to Joanne Leung Photography

Credits to Ashley Danielle Photography




Inspiration 10: Kiss from the Dad shots


Credits to Pinterest

Credits to Lindy Cordell Photography


Written by Crystal Tan

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