Baby Food Recipe: Making Blueberries Yoghurt

benefit of giving yoghurt for baby

Do you know that it is recommended for babies below 12 months old to continue with their milk intake even though they have started on solids? That is because of the high calcium level present in milk together with other nutrients and vitamins.

Do you know yoghurt has the same nutrients too? Yes, babies can actually be introduced to plain yoghurt when they start solids after 6 months old.

Yogurt is one of the healthiest food for babies (and adult too). It is high in calcium which can aid your little one’s growth in developing strong bones! Yoghurt also contains a great amount of vitamins, minerals and protein which are wonderful nutrients for babies. Not forgetting the pro-biotic present in yoghurt, that will give your child a healthier gut!

So now we know that yoghurt is a superfood, but the question is – are you offering the right one to your baby? If you are planning to offer yoghurt to your little one, there are some things you need to know!

• Plain yoghurt refers to unsweetened and pasteurized yogurt
• As babies need calories from fat, you should not purchase yoghurt that are low fat or fat-free
• Never sweeten the plain yogurt with honey for babies below 12 months as it contains bacteria that is harmful for young babies
• Do not offer flavoured yoghurt for your little one as they are sweetened with sugar or other form of sweetener

It’s easy to make yoghurt tastier for your little one by making your own naturally flavoured yoghurt, which is to add in fresh fruits! This article will illustrate the simple steps to make Blueberries Yoghurt for your little one! Yes, it’s as easy as ABC!

Let’s begin!

superfood for baby



1. Washed and mash the amount of blueberries you desire. You can use a grinder or a food blender to mash the blueberries up.

blueberry puree

2. Mix it into the plain yoghurt.

making yoghurt for baby

3. Wow! Serve it now!

baby food recipe

When serving blueberries many people are concern about the layer of white substance on the blueberries skin worrying that it is pesticides but in fact that white substance is often known as ‘bloom’.

‘Bloom’ is the substance that appears naturally on fruits to protect the fruits against insects and bacteria and helps to preserve the fruits’ moisture. As such, the ‘bloom’ can be identified as a factor that indicates the freshness of the fruits.

Blueberries are commonly named as ‘Superfood’ as it contains a whole lot of nutrients! Like:

• Carbohydrates
• Fiber
• Protein
• Vitamin C and K
• Mineral Manganese

It’s so simple isn’t it? Do away with all the flavoured yoghurt and make your own one today!

Other fruits you could try – Kiwi, strawberries, raspberries, apples, banana and avocado. 

Written by Yi Jun

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