8 Home Security Tips Before You Go On A Vacation

home security tips for families

Most of the time when we travel, we think about what to pack and where to go. However, the security of our home is also important – you’d want to return to a home that is intact. What are the measures that you can take to keep your home safe? Are there any measures you can take to reduce the chances that someone will break into your home? Here are 8 home security tips!

Securing the Home Itself

Tip 1 – Lock the Doors and Windowshome security tips

It may seem the obvious thing to do yet in the midst of rushing to the airport for the vacation, it is possible that you forget to lock up. It is reported that about 30% of home burglars walk into a home that is not locked. Ensure that your gate, door and windows are all locked. If you usually hide a key outside of your home, remove that key if no one is expected to come into your home during your vacation. Activate your alarm system if you have one.

Tip 2 – Protecting your Home from Accidents

If you are away for an extended time, it is best to unplug all electrical appliances to prevent damage during an electrical surge and fire. If you are using gas for your stove, turn that off. Water can also be turned off and drain the toilet to prevent mosquito breeding.

Tip 3 – Weather-proofing your Home

holiday destination for familiesDo not air your home when you’re away by leaving windows open. Heavy rains can soak your tiles and lead to damage. If your carpet get wet, it may have to be replaced. If you have items outside your home, keep them indoors to prevent them being blown and thrown around during a thunderstorm. Having a piece of furniture that has fallen and not set right is also a sign that you’re on vacation.

Giving the Impression that Someone is at Home

Tip 4 – Create the Illusion that Someone is at Home

Depending on the home that you stay in, there are a few ways to do this – you can set a timer for different lights to go on (and off), have someone to mow the lawn, get your neighbour to drive your car and move it to different parking place in your compound. Never leave just a light on all the time.

Tip 5 – Don’t Give Away that You’re Away

Mail that is overflowing in your letterbox is a sure give-away that you are away. Have someone clear the mail or request the post office to hold your mail and also hold your newspaper delivery. Do not leave voicemail messages that you are away on vacation. The other obvious thing NOT TO DO is announce on social media that you’re away on holiday – it is tempting to share the excitement and post photos and videos real-time to share on social media, but is it worth the risk of returning to a home that is broken into?

Safekeep Valuables

Tip 6 – Keep Valuables Hidden from Viewtravelling

It is likely that a burglar will first check if your home has anything of value through your windows. Take a walk from outside your home and look in and remove all items that look valuable – money, jewelry, watches and electronic devices. Keep these under lock and key. Blinds should be in normal position though so that it looks like someone is at home.

Tip 7 – Password Protect Your Computer

These days burglars may be more interested in your online banking account than money that is in your home. Be sure to password protect your computer and do not leave banking access tokens and passwords lying around in your home.

Tip 8 – Trust Someone to Check on Your Home

Finally, if there’s someone you trust – ask the person to temporarily stay in your home or come regularly to keep your mail and check that everything is alright. If you’re asking more than one person, make sure they know about each other so that they won’t call the police on each other! If you are open to it and your home is nice, you can offer a couple or family you trust to stay in your home for a stay-cation.

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Returning from vacation to home sweet home is also a big part that completes the holiday, don’t neglect home security.

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