Stop Spending Unnecessarily. What Are The Items You NEED For Your Nursery?

baby items to get for nursery

If you’re expecting your first child, it will be a thrilling experience to go shopping for your baby’s necessities. What is equally exciting is when you have your own house and that extra room to spare for the baby’s nursery. Well, what exactly do you and your baby need? It’s really easy to get carried away and you may end up spending more on what you have planned. Most parents ended up buying more than what they need and guess what, these brand new items are stored away in the cupboard most of the time.

Here’s a guideline to help you get all the things that are necessary and useful for your nursery –

tips for decorating baby's nursery

1. Crib

This item is a must if you will like the baby to sleep in their own bed instead of co-sleeping with you. Purchase one that is a convertible crib, and can “grow with your baby”. Part of the rail can be remove to make into a toddler bed the minute your little one gets too big for his small crib. You save a lot getting a convertible than getting a crib and toddler bed separately.

Get a crib that has drawers. This way, not only does it function as a bed for the baby but it will also be a nice place to store your baby’s stuff away neatly.

It is not recommended to get an expensive crib because the baby will outgrow it faster than you think they will. Even if you’re planning to have a second baby quickly after the first born, you have to bear in mind that you might move out to a bigger house by then. Therefore, dismantling, moving and re-assembling the crib might be a hassle and may affect the quality and functionality of the crib.

2. Crib mattress

Since baby will be spending most of his time sleeping (approximately around 16 hours per day), you will want him to be comfortable. For a safety precaution, the crib mattress needs to be firm and doesn’t sink-in nor cushy. It should be something that holds its shape well and stay flat.

3. Mattress cover

Get at least two or three since you’ll need a clean one to replace a soiled piece. Make sure to use a tight fit to avoid it coming loose and becoming a suffocation hazard. You may want to consider mattress cover that is hypoallergenic to protect your baby against dust mites.

4. Changing mat

Since most changing mats are waterproof, they make a good buy. A changing mat is handy during nappy times in the event of unexpected wees and runny poos.

5. Dresser

Yes, a wardrobe which keeps all your babies clothings, bibs, towels, socks, mittens and shoes neatly away. Instead of sharing the spaces with you and your spouse, get a storage for your little one as well.

6. Toiletrieswhat to do when you suspect your child is running a temperature

Some of the toiletries you can purchase for your baby includes

• Baby wash & Moisturizer – Look for baby wash that is mild and PH balanced
• Diapers – You can try out both disposable and cloth-based one. For disposable diapers, just buy one large newborn pack to start with. Babies grow into the next size quickly before you know it.
• Wet wipes – Natural and Organic ones
• Cotton buds and cotton balls – for gentle cleaning of the ears and face.
• Diaper cream – for soothing diaper rash

7. Digital thermometer

From time to time, it is normal for your baby to fall sick. Don’t panic nor rush your the little one to the doctor’s or to A&E if your suspect she’s running a temperature. It is a good idea to know what is the baby’s temperature first. Fever starts from 37.5°C onwards while 39°C and above is considered a high fever.

8. Books

Sure, baby doesn’t understand anything yet but it’s the starting point. Good reading habits have to be instilled from young. Get bright, pop-ups, touch-and-feel and musical ones to generate interest.

9. Toys

Babies and toys are inseparable. From newborns to toddlers to even older kids – they simply love toys. So, invest in good ones, paying attention to the toys safety standards. Some are only good for toddlers aged three years old and above as they may have small parts that pose as choking hazards.

10. Playpen

A play mat, shaded canopy may excite the baby. Do remember to get those that are machine washable for easy cleaning.

11. Feeding bottles

Just in case you want to alternate feeding the little one with your breastmilk and formula, get ready the bottles and the accessories like pumps, charger, etc.

Looking for a breast pump? Check out the top 10 Breast pumps that mothers love.

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Things that a nursery can do without:

1. Changing Table

You don’t absolutely need a changing table. The fact is that you can change a baby anywhere. You may do so on the floor or on a bed.

Babies grow very fast. The minute he starts turning on his tummy, the space constraint on the changing table will be a challenge for you to keep your baby still. By then, you need a bigger and safer place to change him without worrying about him falling off the changing table.

2. Feeding pillow or cushion

There are many creative and beautiful products out there for nursing mothers, but there are some that might not be useful. A nursing cushion that is specially designed to help breastfeeding mothers may not be what you need. So, don’t be quick to rush into it.

3. Mist humidifier

This is especially essential in cold countries but not so in warm countries like Singapore. If you have the budget, go for it. Otherwise, air the nursery as often as you can. Good ventilation is crucial to generate fresh air flow.

4. Night light

Studies have found that night lights are unhealthy. An associate professor at the New York University School of Medicine, Joyce Walsleben says, “light inhibits the secretion of melatonin (a hormone that naturally promotes sleep). Even if you doze off, light can be detected through your eyelids and your brain won’t produce melatonin if it’s confused between night and day”.

5. Baby detergent

While some babies may have ultra-sensitive skin, this isn’t the case for most. Generally, there isn’t a need for a special baby detergent or separating the baby’s clothes from the other members of the families. This way, you save time, energy and money.

6. A Mural Décor

Having decorated walls are pretty but it’s an extensive splurge. It is really worth it? Stick to something simple, inexpensive and easy to maintain – one that can be easily replaced or removed over time.

We hope this checklist is useful. Happy shopping and decorating! 

Written by Noreen Yek Boussetta

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