10 Tips For Decorating The Nursery Room

buying baby's furniture Designing your own nursery room can be so much fun! But where do you begin? Do you start off by purchasing all the furniture you like or do you have to paint the room first? Before you get started, check out these tips to help you plan and prepare ahead.

1. Choosing a theme for your nursery

Deciding on a theme gets you started on this whole project for your baby. Do you want your baby’s nursery to have a modern, simple or vintage look? Or maybe even a color or animal theme? These days, parents are getting more creative than before, check out Pinterest for some really cute inspirations.

2. Kick-start with the right crib

Baby’s crib is usually the center of attention, choose one that will complement the theme you have in mind. If you are getting a brand new crib, remember to purchase it early. You may need time for delivery, assembly and even return due to damages.

3. Add a personal touch to the room

Nothing beats having a personalized space for your child’s growing years. So add in pictures of the family, D.I.Y projects for the baby and memorable items as a décor for the room. Dedicating a space for your child’s new photos will serve as a great conversation starter for your family and friends when they come to visit.

4. Finish all painting jobs, at least two months before the baby’s due date

It is recommended to finish up all painting jobs 2 months before baby’s arrival. This is to prevent baby from inhaling potentially harmful substances when they sleep in the room. Remember to open up the window/s for better ventilation in the room too. Although the risk of fumes from modern household paints harming baby and pregnant mums is low, it is still recommended to avoid painting if you are pregnant.

5. Get baby products that are durable and ‘washable’ 

ideas for decorating nursery roomBaby is fragile and the last thing you want to see is a bump on the head or any cut on the face or body. Get toys or products that are durable and safe so as to minimize the risk of injuries. Not forgetting that a baby is also prone to ‘accidents’ and that include and not limited to vomiting, diarrhea and spills. It is recommended to get washable items for your baby or you may regret later!

6. Add an adult-sized chair in the room

While preparing and choosing your baby’s furniture and toy, one may forget to get some adult-sized furniture in the room too. We will highly recommend a comfy rocking chair that you can rock your baby or just one cushion seat where you can sit down comfortably to nurse your baby. Many parents also enjoy sitting in the room to do some reading while their baby sleeps. Definitely helpful when caring for your babies during those late nights or early mornings too!

7. Don’t forget Storage Space

Within a month or two, baby’s products and necessities will start piling up. A good storage space will help to keep the nursery organized, neat and dust-free. The last thing you want to see is a clustered and messy room. You wouldn’t like it and the same goes for the baby. If you think your storage space should be out of sight to others, consider hiding the storage areas with ceiling-mounted curtains. Alternatively, get a baby closet with built in changing table, that will keep the room clean and neat!

8. Variation in light intensity

The lighting in the nursery should be flexible in its intensity. There will be times that you will want a softer lighting to check on the baby without interrupting their sleep and other times, you will want it brighter for changing and cleaning. Getting a night lamp can be a great substitution for the main lights too!

9. Be inspired but think realistically

There are so many great ideas out there and you might be inspired to get many beautiful furniture or decorations for your baby. Be inspired by the different ideas that you have seen, but not overly inspired. Think realistically about your budget, the duration of usage and how useful it is. Come up with a budget list so that you can work within your plans.

10. Safety is always your top priority

There is no point in having the most beautiful decoration and furniture, knowing that it will not be safe for your baby. Always review and inspect the furniture and decoration before purchasing it. Avoid purchasing brittle objects and objects that serve as choking hazards. The arrangement of the furniture and crib and the power points should be taken into serious consideration too.

Designing a nursery that can grow with your baby will be more practical and not so time-consuming. How will you decorate your nursery? Share them with us!

Written by Crystal Tan

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