5 Kid-Friendly Cafes in Singapore

If you enjoy chilling in a café with friends, enjoying meaningful conversations and good food, you are definitely not alone. The number of cafes in Singapore has exploded over this past year, with new ones sprouting up every few weeks!

But café-visits are no piece of cake when you have a baby or toddler in tow. Sadly, many of our local cafes cater solely for young singles or newly-weds, with close seating, little or no baby chairs, and lots of breakables scattered about the premises. Major danger zones for little ones who just want to touch and grab and run.

The good news is that there are a number of cafes that do have our little ones in mind, and offer interesting alternatives for them to engage in meaningful activity while their parents enjoy their meal. Here are our top five picks of the lot!

#1 EatPlayLove Craft Café

Tucked away in an alley just on the outskirt of town, EatPlayLove is a craft haven for young and old alike! The first and only of its kind in Singapore, they offer visitors the chance to “get crafty” with a wide variety of free-flow craft materials (Eg. coloured pasta, ice cream sticks, straws, papers and feathers) at just $5 per hour (2 hours on weekdays) at their Craft Corner. Parents can either leave their kids to craft away while they eat, or join them for some fun. Food-wise, the café serves up a mix of Thai and Western fare at reasonable prices, with waffles and such for young ones to devour. The café itself is artfully decked out in all manner of creative bits and bobs that make for a charming, eclectic dining experience. If you’re coming on a weekend or public holiday,

Credit image: Kith Cafe

Credit image: Kith Cafe

it’s best to book in advance to ensure you get a table.

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#2 Kith Cafe

Famous and well-known for its distinctive blend of coffee and home-cooked delicious food, you really wouldn’t want to give this well-raved cafe a miss! With excellent food and good service to boost at Kith Cafe, combine with the perfect relaxing ambiance for you and your friends or family, it will simply take your load off your mind as you relax away. Even young babies and toddlers will be fascinated with the toys that are available for them and the sweet little smoothies to enchant them! With three outlets to date, at Robertson Quay, Sentosa Cove and Park Mall, check out the nearest cafe to your residential now!

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 #3 Plain Vanilla Bakery

Here at Plain Vanilla, you’ll want to pick up every last moist crumb of cake on your plate! Heralded as having one of the best cupcakes in Singapore, they have a wide range of flavours that won’t disappoint, as well as several other delicious slice cakes, tarts, brownies and pies to choose from.

Credit image to Plain Vanilla Bakery.

Credit image: Plain Vanilla Bakery.

There is a definitely homely and comfortable vibe about the place, reminiscent of childhood days in Grandma’s kitchen, which is what the owners set out to achieve. Seating space is limited, especially on weekends, but many customers do buy take-away and leave. Weekdays are probably best for a visit, so that you get to enjoy their open concept dining area, where you can eat while your children play on the floor behind, or just scamper about the space. It’s hard to describe in words, really, so you’ll just have to go see it for yourselves!

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#4 Revolution Coffee

It’s a quaint café located smack in the middle of an industrial area, but definitely worth a trip. Inside the café, overhanging bare lightbulbs create a beautiful centerpiece to the place, while outside, retro furniture and old crates do duty as alfresco options. Kids will love the pancakes and maple syrup, while adults can enjoy their handcrafted specialty coffees. The staff are friendly, and welcoming to kids and babies. There is even a darling little bicycle for children to ride on, and lots of space outside to run around.

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 #5 Cups N Canvas

Coffee and art is a winning combination, and the owners of this café know that for a fact! Cups N Canvas is a café-studio which offers the ambience of an art gallery/studio, with a myriad different paintings hung about the place, with the aroma of artisanal coffee and comforting foods. Kids will enjoy the low tables, perfect for them to perch beside to tuck into a sandwich, and the scattering of small animal figurines about the shop which they can play with. You can also sign your child (and yourself) up for a workshop while you’re there! You never know – you might have a budding mini Michaelangelo right under your nose!

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 By Dorothea Chow and Crystal Tan

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  1. I subscribed to your online mailer and was interested in patrolling wimbly lu cafe. As I had a toddler and an infant I had messaged to enquire if the cafe is indeed kid friendly. To my horror, the cafe replied and said 1. They do not accept reservation 2. They have only ONE baby chair 3. They have LIMITED space to accommodate pram. I am so disappointed. Please do not make false recommendation.

    Ruiling on April 19, 2014 AT 9:45 pm Reply
  2. Dear Ruiling,

    Thank you for sharing your experience with us. We have replaced it with a new cafe on the list. Do check the rest out and hope you have a pleasant experience at the rest of the cafes. You can also share with us on your experience so that we can add them on the list to share with other parents as well.

    Admin on May 27, 2014 AT 1:30 pm Reply
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