Mom Dies During Childbirth So That Her Unborn Son Can Live

mother died when giving birth to her baby

Shouldn’t it be a jovial occasion waiting for your baby’s arrival! Nine months of anticipation and every parent yearns to meet and hold their precious little one. Unfortunately, Mother Karisa Bugal was not able to do so!

It was during labour that doctors discovered that Karisa Bugal had a rare condition known as amniotic fluid embolism.

“The amniotic fluids surrounding the baby or part of the baby’s skin or hair gets into the mother’s bloodstream and that causes catastrophic shutdown of all the organs,” Dr. Kelly Gerow said. “We don’t know how to prevent it. We don’t know how to keep it from happening at all.”

During the childbirth, Karisa made the decision to go for cesarean to save her son’s life after the doctors noticed that the baby’s heart rate started to drop, meaning his life was also at risk. She stayed awake and asked the doctor about her son’s weight.

That was the last decision she made and the question she asked, because she passed away. She chose to save her son’s life even it means that it would cause her, her life!

Wes Bugal, Karisa’s husband is now struggling with a toddler and a baby. There is nothing he could do to bring back his wife.

Amniotic fluid embolism is indeed a rare condition and we hope that more research can be done to save these mothers who suffered from it.

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