Mother Who Refuses To Abort Baby After Water Bag Broke During The Second Trimester

Mum whose water bag broke at 16 weeks were advise to go for adoption

Katy Evans, aged 35, was in her second trimester, approximately 16 weeks into her pregnancy when the unexpected happened! Her water bag broke!

Katy was home that day, sitting in front of the computer screen and printing travel documents when the unexpected happened.

‘I was sitting at my computer, printing out travel documents as we were due to go on holiday to France the next day. I’d had a bit of bleeding earlier in the pregnancy so when I suddenly felt a gush of liquid between my legs, I thought that I was bleeding again. But then I realized that it wasn’t blood at all. I was so confused. My mum was there and I told her that I thought that my waters had broken. But neither of us could understand how that could happen so early in the pregnancy.’ Katy shared.

Her mother quickly rushed her to A&E at the Lister Hospital in Stevenage.

It turned out that Katy had a had Preterm Prelabour Rupture of Membranes (PPROM), a rare condition that causes the amniotic fluid to drain out from her womb before the 37 weeks of pregnancy. The fetus and mother are at a great risk of complications and infections.

In hospital, Katy was quickly rushed in for an ultrasound scan to measure the amount of fluid left in the uterus surrounding the fetus. The scan revealed that there was barely any amniotic fluid left to protect their baby in the womb.

The ultimate heartbreaking moment came when the doctors advised Katy and her husband to terminate the pregnancy to avoid obtaining a serious womb infection. It is also stated that the baby had an extremely low percentage of surviving without amniotic fluid in the womb. Katy was devastated!


Katy refused to abort her unborn child, despite the doctors’ warning. The baby was said to have only just one per cent chance of survival.

Katy was a positive person by nature and she was determined that she should keep the baby and allow “nature take its course”. She rejected the doctor’s advice and decided to recuperate at home instead. They were prepared for the worst! However, days passed, but nothing happened, and she did not miscarry.

Two weeks later, when Katy went back to the hospital for a check. It was revealed that the amniotic fluid was replenished after the rupture healed. A scan later revealed that the baby was developing well. This is such a rare occurrence, something that even the doctors had never seen before. It was so magical, as a miracle really happened!

Katy and her family endured a nervous wait towards the arrival of her miracle baby. Her water bag broke again when she was 34 weeks into her pregnancy, when the family were holidaying. Thankfully, she delivered to a healthy baby boy, Leo, at the nearest hospital in Norfolk. Katy and Leo spent 5 days in Hospital before they were allowed home.

Katy Evans

Leo is a healthy baby and is thriving well! It was absolutely heartwarming to see how the parents and the baby fight so hard so that they could meet. Do you have a similar story that you will like to share with us? Do comment below!Mum gave birth to healthy baby despite her water bag breaking at 16 weeks of her pregnancy

By Crystal Tan | Source: DailyMail

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