10 Signs You Might Be Pregnant!

10 Signs You May Be Pregnant

Discovering that you are pregnant is an exciting moment and if you are wondering if you are really pregnant, here are top ten signs to look for!

Sign #1: Missed Period

This is the most obvious and a home Week 1 pregnancy test_spregnancy test can be taken after the missed period. However, for ladies who don’t have regular periods, it will be harder to tell if the period is missed or delayed.

Sign #2: Implantation Bleeding

Around the second week after conception, some women have a small amount of bleeding due to the implantation of the fertilized egg onto the uterus lining. Others may notice a white, milky vaginal discharge that may appear throughout the day or once a day. Be sure to consult a doctor if there is an unusual smell or itch that indicate yeast infection.

Sign #3: Higher Body Temperature

If the body temperature stays high for more than two weeks and at a time which is not your period, it is a sign of pregnancy. This is due to increased level of progesterone and increased blood flow, increasing the temperature to about 37.8 degC.

Sign #4: Breasts feel Different

The increase of pregnancy hormones leads to increased blood flow to breast and changes to breast tissue. Milk ducts and milk-producing cells also develop
which may result in tender, sore breasts or tingling nipples. cures for morning sicknessThe skin color of the areola turns a darker color too. It’s time for bra shopping as the pre-pregnancy bra will likely no longer feel comfortable.

Sign #5: Nausea

The onset of nausea is usually from the first month of pregnancy, accompanied by queasiness or vomiting. Although it is termed ‘morning sickness’, it can happen anytime of the day.

Sign #6: Fatigue

The pregnant body undergoes many changes and many of which are exhausting to the body, for instance more work required to pump extra blood to developing fetus. An increased level of pregnancy hormone also contributes to sleepiness. Some ladies feel faint from reduced blood pressure and sugar. Therefore, it is perfectly acceptable to take naps and delegate household chores to your spouse!

Sign #7: Abdominal Cramps or Bloating

Pregnancy hormones lead to abdominal bloating for some women, while others experience cramps, increased gas or even constipation. The pregnancy hormone that relaxes muscle tissue to prepare for growing fetus and delivery, also relaxes muscle tissues along the gastrointestinal tract. This leads to more gas from the extra time undigested food stays in the digestive
system. Drink water, avoid gassy foods and experiment with smaller,
more frequent meals.

Sign #8: Enhanced Sense of Smellsymptoms of pregnancy

Some women have a keener sense of smell while others feel nauseated at certain smells like coffee, even if they used to love their espresso! Similarly, cravings may develop for foods which one normally doesn’t eat, and it is not entirely clear why this happens.

Sign #9: More Frequent Toilet Breaks

The increase of blood and fluids in the body increases from about six weeks and leads to more fluids at the bladder. At the same time, the growing fetus reduces space for bladder to expand, thus the need for more frequent toilet breaks.

Sign #10: More Aches

Pregnancy hormone softens supporting ligaments and disks to prepare for fetus and delivery but this may lead to backache. Moreover, the increased blood circulation can cause headaches for some women but fortunately, they tend to be mild.

You may or may not experience all of these signs and when in doubt, take a home pregnancy test and start visiting a gynecologist to monitor the pregnancy.

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