An Ultrasound Shows A Dying Twin Holding On To His Sister’s Hand

Twins are known to have a special connection, sometimes, a fascinating and unique one that they shared for a lifetime.

Just over a month ago, we heard of a special story shared by KWCH12 about a dying twin holding his sister’s hand. It was captured in an ultrasound.

dying twins in mother's womb

Brittani and Ian McIntire, parents to two girls, didn’t plan on having any more children. A sweet surprise when they came to know that they will be expecting not one but two little babies. Their six-week scan revealed that they were expecting twins. Excitedly, they decided to name their fraternal twins as Mason and Madilyn.

“We went in for our six week sonogram and they just said there’s one heartbeat and here’s another,” laughed mom, Brittani explained to KWCH12.

From surprise and excitement, to anxiety and worries, they were shocked to know that one of the baby wasn’t growing like he should be. One of the fraternal twins have a hole in his heart and an abnormal brain.

“He’s only weighing nine ounces and his sister is over two pounds, so big size difference,” Brittani added. “His only chance of survival would be heart surgery but they wouldn’t do heart surgery on him because of his brain.”

At one of the follow-up appointment, the doctors captured a rare moment during the scan. “We didn’t really see much, she said there’s his hand and there’s her hand and it looks like they’re holding hands,” Brittani explained. The ultrascan images indeed reveal baby Mason’s tiny hand wrapped around the finger of his growing twin sister Madilyn.

twins holding hands in mother's womb

“We know we have a piece of them together that will last forever… and it’s special to have,” Ian told KWCH12.

“It’s just nice with everything going on… I know I’m holding him, I’m carrying him but I just want to be there for him,” Brittani added. “She’s the only one who can actually be there and is holding onto him… so it’s comforting to know that if he does pass, he won’t be alone.”

Such a bittersweet story. We hope that the McIntire family could receive a beautiful miracle and one that could comfort them in the day, months and years to come.

Written by Crystal Tan | Source: KWCH12

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