Baby Born With Foot In Brain

This couple had been waiting for a baby to call their own in their 13-year of marriage. But it was all in vain. Just when they were about to give up, they received the gift of life… a miracle little baby.

Things were fine at the initial stage of Tiffnie Esquibel’s pregnancy. She had a ‘normal’ pregnancy. However, by the end of Tiffnie’s pregnancy, an ultrasound showed something unusual! Tiffnie had to be induced and the baby had to go to another hospital to seek medical treatment.

The MRI scan showed that there was a tumor growing in Baby Sam Esquibel’s brain. Dr Paul Grabb, a pediatric neurosurgeon had to operate on newborn Sam to remove the tumor. But, what was shocking was….

In the tumor, it contained an almost perfectly formed foot and a partially formed body parts, that includes a thigh and a hand.

An MRI scan showed the tumor growing in 3 day old Sam Esquibel!

“The foot quite literally popped out of the tumour. It made me stop operating, since I’m not used to seeing feet in the brain,” Dr Grabb was shocked at what he saw during the operation. He removed the mass from Sam’s brain, luckily they were found to be non-cancerous.

Now, Sam at 3 years old looks just like a typical little baby. He has to go back to the hospital for monthly checks just to ensure that he is growing healthily.

Written by Crystal Tan | Source: Daily Mail

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