Should Piercing Of Baby’s Ears Be Made Illegal?

What’s your take on piercing a child’s ear lobes when they are a baby?

It seems that several thousand people in England are against it!

“In just under one week, nearly 36,000 have signed a petition to make piercing an infant or toddler’s ears illegal in the UK,” as reported by

how old do you pierce your child's ear lopes

Pediatricians mentioned that there’s a low risk to the young child if the piercing is performed under sanitized condition and that the piercing is properly taken care of.

However, the mother behind this campaign is against this practice as she felt that it “inflicts severe pain and fear upon infants unnecessarily and only satisfies the parent’s vanity”.

What’s your take on this? How old do you think the child should be, before is it appropriate to get her ear lopes pierced?

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