Week 10 Of Pregnancy – From Embryo To Fetus

symptoms of pregnancy

What’s happening inside

This week marks the end of a major stage in development of your baby as he develops from an embryo to a fetus. Mummies may not feel it yet but your baby has already begun to move inside your womb! Vital organs such as the liver, kidneys, intestines, brains and lungs are fully formed and functional. Your baby now begins to bend her wrists and the bones of the front of the skill are starting to develop over the baby’s forehead. This is also the time where you may find out that you are having twins or multi-babies.

Maternal Changes

If you start to feel a little uncomfortable wearing your usual bras, it’s time to buy bigger bras. Your breasts will continue to grow very quickly and will stabilize around the end of the first trimester. You may experience more breast growth later in your third trimester and after birth.

Your uterus, which was the size of your fist, has now expanded to the size of a grapefruit! You may still continue to feel tired and moody but don’t take it to heart, these symptoms should subside soon. Pregnant women have a greater risk of urinary infections, so be on the lookout for any signs of urinary infection. Some of the signs include, stinging or discomfort when you pass urine, abdominal pain or blood in your urine.

A Matter of Fact

Some harmful substances can seep into the placenta. Therefore, it is important that you protect your baby by seeking any medical advice from you doctor before taking any medication during pregnancy.

Tips for daddy

You may be surprised or shocked at how big your partner’s breasts has become. The last thing you can do is to be rough and mishandle your wife’s breasts as they are really big and sore! Your wife may be feeling insecure or uneasy with her newfound cup-size, so be sensitive and treat her with extra tender loving care.

A quote for mummy-to-be

There is only one pretty child in the world and every mother has it. ~Chinese Proverb

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This is part of our New Age Pregnancy Week By Week Pregnancy Guide!

With this guide, we hope it will help to give you some reassurance and shed some light on the changes you will come to experience for the next 40 weeks. If you are interested, you can read about our Month To Month Pregnancy Guide Here. Now, let the countdown begin ~

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind the information provided in this guide is just an approximate gauge for your pregnancy. Each pregnancy is different and growth rates vary. If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact your gynaecologist.

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