This Mum Left Toddler In Car Under Blazing Heat, Refused To Let Firefighters Break Into Her Expensive Car

The worst and shocking thing that could happen to very young children, was witnessing a selfish act by a mother who worried for her expensive car than the well-being of her own child.

This mother in China, was unable to open the door of her BMW car, after it accidentally locked by itself. Her child was trapped in the car under the hot weather. Apparently, no windows were open and the heat in the car was rising at a rapid rate.

The first thing a typical parent will do, is to break the window and rescue their child. Irony, this wasn’t the case for this mother. She refused to let firefighters break into her expensive car and suggested to wait for the locksmith to arrive. Her respond shocked the on-lookers.

Eventually, the firefighters took matters into their own hands after the little boy appeared to have fainted in the car. They smashed the glass window to rescue him.

“It’s very dangerous to leave children inside cars, especially in such heat… It can threaten a child’s life in a very short time,” one of the firefighters was quoted as saying.

It is dangerous to leave your children alone in the car without an adult around, something bad might just happened to them. What is your view on this mother who leave her child unattended?

By Crystal Tan | Source: Yahoo News

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