Toddler Rescued After Being Trapped In Crashed Car In Freezing River For 14 Hours

Lynn Jennifer Groesbeck and her toddler girl, Lily was travelling back home on Friday night after a visit to her parents’ place when she met with a fatal accident. It was reported that she has crushed into a cement barrier on the bridge before landing the car in the river.

The accident happened on Friday night around 10:30pm. A resident who stayed nearby, had heard a loud noise but was unable to find anything unusual when she went out to check the area. That was because the car was partially submerged in the water, and was not visible from the road as it was right under the bridge.

It was a miracle!

On that Saturday afternoon, a fisherman had chosen to go fishing at that particular area and spotted the car. He called the emergency dispatch immediately.

Lynn died in the crash but was survived by her daughter, Lily. She was found hanging upside down with the water seeping into the car. It was lucky that the water did not manage to reach her. Lily was unconscious when the rescuers found her. Her eyes were fluttering but was doing alright at the hospital after the rescue.

The water was freezing cold that,the rescued squad – three police officers and four firefighters who entered the river to push the car on its side and rescue the girl had to be treated for hypothermia. They were discharged after treatment.

The temperature probably dipped to as low as 0 to 3 Celsius overnight while Lily was trapped in the car. It was indeed a miracle that she pulled through this harsh condition without food and water for 14 hours.

How did Lily survive the ordeal?

According to CNN senior medical correspondent Elizabeth Cohen, “The biggest factor was the car seat.”

Lily was still restrained in the car seat when the rescuers found her. The car seat saved Lily’s life! Even though she was trapped and upside down for a long period of time, her body remained in the seat and above the freezing water. The condition would have been worse if it was raining or if Lily was soaked in the water.

Ironically, the cold had probably saved her as she sit next to her dead mother! The cold had probably made her hibernated during the past 14 hours without food and water.

As the rescuers recalled, they heard a voice calling them for help….

There is an unsolved mystery that occurred during the rescue. The police officers entered the water and heard a distinct adult voice calling them for help. But the shocking thing is, Lynn died from the crash. If it wasn’t her, who could that be?

Nobody has an explanation to this..

Although Lynn didn’t make it through this ordeal, there was still a glimpse of hope for the family to see that Lily was alive and recuperating well at the hospital.

No doubt, the importance of car seat needs to be emphasized for all parents across all countries!

By Crystal Tan | Source: Mail Online & CNN

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